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The DreamCage has been years in development. Starting as a group purchase of TheCultDen domain name, our team developed our in-house style and passions until The DreamCage became what we needed it to be. The entire team are passionate about supporting the more independent projects in popular culture and from film festivals, audiobook productions, incredible comics and books, and our love of gaming, everything independent has a shot at being seen and spoken about by our team.

Our passions run deeply towards different things and as people our team have different specialities and genre loves. We cover all aspects of film, from big studio tent poles to classics to smaller budget character based projects, we love everything from horror to superheroes to spy films and these tastes dip into our love of television as well, with a huge project being undertaken to review every televised and existing episode of Doctor Who from 1963 to the present day.

If its out there in the media world, on screen, on audio or as the written word, we want to cover it, and most importantly we want our partners in the media to gain much needed exposure and we want our dedicated readers to discover something they maybe wouldn't have thought of taking a risk on.