Affiliate Links


Currently DreamCage Media Group is signed up with THREE companies for Affiliate Marketing. This means that, if you use those companies' links on our website to go to their site and buy something we will get a small percentage of commission.


To be honest, running media websites like The DreamCage and AlbieMedia costs money as well as time. Not only do we have to pay for the domain name and general website costs, but we also have to, sometimes, pay for tickets, passes (such as for London Film Festival) and other review materials for our writers that aren't given freely by the companies concerned. This money comes out of our own pockets and we do not make any profits from running the sites, so any pennies that we can get through affiliate links are welcomed to try and bridge that gap.


The main reason we don't have "just any adverts" strewn throughout our articles is that it takes away from the excellent writing! We are very lucky to have some incredible writers contributing to both our sites (for FREE - they don't get paid!) and we want you as readers to be able to enjoy reading their work as much as they enjoy writing for us. You will find sales links at the bottom of most of our news releases, reviews and opinion articles, or on our website sidebars, but we will not break up the writing with ads.

We are also very careful with who we choose as advertisers on our websites. We want to be able to support small and indie creators however we can by giving you sales links so you can find their work. However, since we also write about some of the bigger films, books and shows, we realise that you will also want to be able to get your hands on those too. But ALL the advertising we have on our sites is relevant to what we're writing about. You will NEVER find adverts just for the sake of adverts.


We have affiliate deals with:

Rakuten TV - a film and TV "pay per view" streaming service, where you can stream individual films and TV series without having to pay a monthly subscription. We get a small commission every time you stream something through one of our links.

Humble Bundle - the e-book, comic and gaming/software bundle website that sends a proportion of the money you spend on the site to charity. We are supporting the UK Mental Health charity MIND through this, as well as getting a small commission for ourselves for every purchase or monthly subscription taken out through our links.

Amazon - this is by far our biggest affiliate and every time you buy something on Amazon having first clicked on one of our sales links, whether or not you buy the product in the link, we will get a tiny commission. So, say you click on a sales link at the end of a book review but end up buying a DVD instead, we will still get a little bit of commission because you have gone to Amazon by way of us.


Simply by reading what our writers write! Getting a lot of people reading, sharing and commenting on our articles and on social media will mean that our websites are more likely to get accepted to review more of the things you would like us to write about.


If there is anything you would like us to consider for review, either your own creation or something that you've just heard about, please email us at OFFICE @ DREAMCAGEMEDIAGROUP.COM  - whether or not it is for something newly released or a classic, blockbuster or something completely obscure. We can't (and won't) guarantee to review everything we get sent and, if we do review, it won't always be favourable because our writers are all fair and constructive but HONEST. They don't like everything, nobody does.

Remember, we are not out to to tell our readers what to watch or listen to, or to have an opinion on everything out there, we only cover the work that piques our own interest, leading to more passionate and, we hope, more interesting articles for you.