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Here's a round up of all the new articles this week on The DreamCage and AlbieMedia websites...

On The DreamCage -

This month, Steve Taylor-Bryant goes on an epic journey through film trailers to link Tom Cruise to... himself? We'll let him explain more in the article intros. Welcome to #MissionImprobable...

Day 18 Linked Harvey Keitel to Daisy Ridley
Day 19 Linked Daisy Ridley to Sam Rockwell
Day 20 Linked Sam Rockwell to Charlotte Rampling
Day 21 Linked Charlotte Rampling to Cate Blanchett
Day 22 Linked Cate Blanchett to Dolph Lundgren
Day 23 Linked Dolph Lundgren to Ellen Barkin
Day 24 Linked Ellen Barkin to Edward Norton

With Secretary turning 18 last weekend, Ren Zelen takes a look at why the film totally spanks Fifty Shades of Grey...

Happy 150th episode of the Was This Always Weird podcast to our hosts Matt & Cody! This week, they've found a film that's literally up their alley...

On 26th December 2019, 627 pieces of Classic Doctor Who content were made available to Britbox subscribers. Every Sunday in 2020, our Doctor Who expert, Tony Cross, looks back at some of the classic stories.

Here are Tony's thoughts on...

The Monster Of Peladon (6 Episodes)
Planet Of The Spiders (6 Episodes)
Robot (4 Episodes)

Meanwhile on AlbieMedia -

We welcome Eco Angel to the stage with her thoughts on that great theatre staple, the musical...

Susan Omand goes all fan-girl over the fourth studio album from Canadian rockers One Soul Thrust with Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess...

Thirty years on, Susan Omand looks back at the Madonna album I'm Breathless...

This week's #SotD80 choice from Jimmy Hunter is a theme tune with lyrics by a 14 year old...

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