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Here's a round up of all the new articles this week on The DreamCage and AlbieMedia websites...

On The DreamCage -

"So, basically, we have Mickey Spillane does American Psycho."

Susan Omand read Masquerade for Murder, the new Mike Hammer thriller from Max Allan Collins, now available from Titan Books...

"Is it possible for a film set in all that green to be a film noir? You could imagine a film like this made in the 1940s with Bogart as Silva."

Tony Cross watched Al Acecho (Furtive) thanks to Fortissimo Films...

"One of the very earliest memories I have from my childhood is creeping out of my room in my pyjamas and sitting on the stairs peering through a crack in the door as my parents watched the scary movie Night of the Demon on television, late at night."

Ren Zelen looks back at some of the films that made her fall in love with cinema in the first place with The Films That Made Me...

"It is a hard film to review in one key respect. There are twists that you do not want to be tipped off about in advance, after which you start to question everything."

Tony Cross took the time to watch Chronology (Kronoloji) thanks to Fortissimo Films...

Welcome to series 2 of And Why Not? where our podcasting Barry Norman, aka Stuart Mulrain, lets guests choose a film to discuss, reminisce over and share why they love it. This week, Stuart and guests Dan Butcher and Andy Hanks look back at Robocop ...

"While we descend into madness, here are a few movies you can watch and imagine all the horrible ways that life on this planet might end."

It's the End of the Week as we know it and Nate McKenzie still feels fine as he gives us five more recommendations for End of the World films to watch this weekend...

On 26th December 2019, 627 pieces of Classic Doctor Who content were made available to Britbox subscribers. Every Sunday in 2020, our Doctor Who expert, Tony Cross, looks back at some of the classic stories.

Here are Tony's thoughts on...

Colony In Space
The Daemons
Day Of The Daleks

Meanwhile on AlbieMedia -

"2 Tone."

Jimmy Hunter's #SotD80 choice this week is by The Beat...

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