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Monday 4th November

On The DreamCage

"it feels ahead of its time in the way it makes women, and how women live together, the centre of the film."

Tony Cross watched The Seashore Village at London Korean Film Festival...

Tuesday 5th November

On The DreamCage

"The intriguing set up for the story, the glorious characters and the trademark cleverly-daft, laugh-out-loud humour of Sambrook and Jones is all present and correct and had me chuckling delightedly from the start."

Ahead of its debut at Thought Bubble this weekend, Susan Omand got a sneak preview of The Exchange #1 from Madius Comics...

Wednesday 6th November

On The DreamCage

"There is no padding; every moment, be that an action sequence or a quiet chat in an office, is vital and relevant and that is a tough nut to crack in television writing."

Our own desk analyst, Steve Taylor-Bryant, jumped back into the action and binge watched Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime...

On AlbieMedia

In case you've just blown in from the Windy City, amateur theatre company Cotswold Savoyards production of Calamity Jane was on this week at Cheltenham Playhouse. So is it deader than the Deadwood Stage or will you find your Secret Love...

Thursday 7th November

On The DreamCage

"I enjoyed it, but as the regular reader of my reviews will know I’m a sucker for films where not everything is explained, where things are happening in the silences between sentences."

Tony Cross watched the world go by watching Grass at London Korean Film Festival...

"What is striking when you watch V For Vendetta at this time are the similarities between Britain portrayed in the film and the one we live in now."

Daniel White did his annual rewatch of V for Vendetta...

On AlbieMedia

"Slip of the Tongue! I remember this, the album that killed hair metal."

Thirty years on from its first release, Steve Taylor-Bryant remembers the Whitesnake album...

Friday 8th November

On The DreamCage

"Those standing center stage, splashed by the spotlight, have found a new way to connect with their audience by displaying a willingness to be vulnerable."

With the show now available on Netflix, Nate McKenzie doesn't need prompting to talk about Jenny Slate: Stage Fright...

"I think the key to its success though is that all the main characters feel like they’re a likeable bunch, even at their most useless."

Tony Cross watched Extreme Job at the Korean Film Festival...

Saturday 9th November

On The DreamCage

"Whether there will ever be a solution that is fair and just to both sides I don’t know but what this documentary does illustrate is that to get peace one has to make compromises."

Tony Cross watched A Song of Peace on this week at the UK Jewish Film Festival...

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