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Monday 28th October

On The DreamCage

"Instead of depth of character, we are given a rip-off of Suspiria color schemes masquerading as “artistic choice.”"

David Ames' choice for Day 28 of Hallow-vent is The Influence...

"a film which manages to miss every single one of its targets and, a first for Morris, lacks for a single laugh out loud moment."

Marc Nash watched The Day Shall Come...

Tuesday 29th October

On The DreamCage

"I don’t know what was wrong with me on my first viewing because…DAMN, this movie was great."

David Ames' choice for Day 29 of Hallow-vent is Sinister...

"That’s not to say there’s nothing to enjoy here, but it’s not going to hold any surprises for you and is that enough really?"

Marc Nash watched Terminator Dark Fate (with some spoilers)...

Wednesday 30th October

On The DreamCage

" Where the first was subtle and slowly built the tension while giving us genuine scares along the way, the sequel tries far too hard with jump scares and an incredibly miniscule plotline that veers off the universe first established in the original."

David Ames' choice for Day 30 of Hallow-vent is Sinister 2...

On AlbieMedia

Cheltenham-based amateur theatre company The Cotswold Savoyards present Calamity Jane at the Cheltenham Playhouse next month. Just off the Deadwood stage, director Sheila Ham and Calamity Jane herself, Joy-Amy Wigman told us about the new production...

Thursday 31st October

On The DreamCage

"when this year’s Hallow-vent calendar came around, I knew I wanted the final review to be this series. Therefore, in the last two days I binged all 10 episodes of The Haunting of Hill House."

David Ames rounds off his 31 horror related reviews in 31 days of October in style...

Friday 1st November

On The DreamCage

"I remember watching this scene for the first time and I was like, "Trees?"" 

This week's Was This Always Weird podcast looks back at the 1981 original of The Evil Dead...

Saturday 2nd November

On The DreamCage

Including a very very long list of hipster romcoms, the new episode of And Why Not podcast sees Stuart Mulrain and guest Tom Stewart talk (500) Days of Summer...

"This film is not about a “superhero villain” and his origin story, this is a story of a man who is victimised and tortured by modern day society."

Kraig Taylor-Bryant watched Joker...

On AlbieMedia

"But, dear reader, this one is special. Why? Well I got it for my birthday in 1979 but that’s by-the-by."

Jimmy Hunter takes a lookback to the music of 1979 with the Sparks album NÂș 1 In Heaven...

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