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Monday 13th May

On The DreamCage

Did he say anything or is it just serendipity that Stuart Mulrain has listed his top ten John Cusack films...

Tuesday 14th May

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant examines the evidence and reads Next of Kin by L F Robertson, thanks to Titan Books...

Wednesday 15th May

On The DreamCage

It's Nicholas Hammond's birthday. Who? Here's a reminder from a few years ago from Steve Taylor-Bryant about Nicholas Hammond's most famous TV role ...

Thursday 16th May

On The DreamCage

One of the film's tagline says "Minimum Experience, Maximum Damage." Sounds perfect for Steve Taylor-Bryant to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me...

On AlbieMedia

"I always thought Gary Numan to be ahead of his time and I don't think his look or sound has "aged""

For #SotD79 this week, Jimmy Hunter looked back at Tubeway Army and We Are So Fragile...

"Simple Minds probably WERE Scotland’s answer to U2 but it was the post-Joshua-Tree U2 that had begun to believe their own hype"

30 years on from release, Susan Omand listened to the Simple Minds album Street Fighting Years...

Friday 17th May

On The DreamCage

With no spoilers (just excessive fan-girling), Susan Omand read Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage from Madius Comics...

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