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Tuesday 7th May

On The DreamCage

"each episode contains multiple stars that you would pay good money to watch paint a wall"

Steve Taylor-Bryant looks back at Agatha Christie's Marple

On AlbieMedia

"It’s not often that new (to me) music will make me stop whatever I’m doing and physically sit down between the speakers of the hi-fi and just… listen. This album is one of those."

Susan Omand listens to *deep breath* Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness by Coheed and Cambria ...

Wednesday 8th May

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant fought his way to the front and finally got to watch Snowpiercer...

Friday 10th May

On The DreamCage

"The darker story is that there are still smart people..."

This week's Was This Always Weird podcast has a special guest(!) to discuss 2006 film Idiocracy

On AlbieMedia

"Prepare to be gushed at. I've been waiting for this. Waiting for a long time!"

This week's #SotD79 choice by Jimmy Hunter is Lene Lovich with Say When!

"You can’t argue with someone about which Bowie is the best, that was the power of the man; he was whatever you needed him to be at the time you discovered him."

Thirty years on from release, Steve Taylor-Bryant looks back at Tin Machine

Saturday 11th May

On The DreamCage

"Interstellar was one of those films, again, by Christopher Nolan, that serves as a reassurance that film is a truly magical thing"

Our own stellar Kraig Taylor-Bryant takes a look at Interstellar (with major spoilers)...

On AlbieMedia

"As I was driving I started to hum along mindlessly, as you do, then started singing the words to a completely different song"

Susan Omand listens to the radio and has a bit of a rant. Again...

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