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Monday 29th April

On The DreamCage

David Ames gets his teeth into last summer's Vampyr from Dontnod on the PS4...

Tuesday 30th April

On The DreamCage

Ren Zelen looks back at The Matrix (1999) as it nears its 20th Anniversary and investigates how it changed the world of film-making forever...

On AlbieMedia

#NotBaconBits, our online game of connecting songs together, come to an end (for now). Here's the full list of April's #NotBaconBits connections...

Wednesday 1st May

On The DreamCage

Thanks to our friends at Titan Books, Steve Taylor-Bryant has got his hands on Exit Wounds,  a crime anthology edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane, featuring stories from some of the biggest names in thriller writing...

Thursday 2nd May

On AlbieMedia

"Do you remember where you were the first time you heard a record? I'm sure we've all got memories of this and this record is no exception."

For this week's SotD79, Jimmy Hunter wants you to want Cheap Trick...

"For me, Nik (without a c) Kershaw’s 1989 album The Works is a little bit of a misnomer."

Thirty years on from first release (and to the annoyance of the internet apparently) Susan Omand looked back at the album.

Saturday 4th May

On The DreamCage

"Epic movies typically feature vast panoramas with hundreds of extras and are likely to be sagas that span decades and deal with historic, mythological, biblical or political topics."

Our own extraordinarily epic Ren Zelen looks back at some Epic Films of the 1980s...

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