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Monday 18th March

On The DreamCage

Susan Omand heads for her Dragonborn kitchen thanks to Titan Books, with The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook, recipes from Skyrim, Morrowind and across Tamriel written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel...

Tuesday 19th March

On The DreamCage

Fresh from Cinequest Film Festival, the short film Here & Beyond by Colin West sticks in the memory of Susan Omand...

Wednesday 20th March

On The DreamCage

Susan Omand dons her brown coat to read The Magnificent Nine, an original Firefly novel from James Lovegrove...

Thursday 21st March

On The DreamCage

On The DreamCage today we had a mini theme day to introduce Steve Taylor-Bryant's new self-imposed reading challenge...

Project Meltzer - Steve's Introduction

Project Meltzer - the first book review - The Book of Lies

Project Meltzer - a reminder of Steve's thoughts on the non-fiction book History Decoded

On AlbieMedia

"The video for the title track caused all sorts of controversy with the church at the time"

Thirty years after first release, Susan Omand remembered the Madonna album Like a Prayer

Friday 22nd March

On The DreamCage

We rounded off Titan Books blog tour for Patrick Edwards' new novel Ruin's Wake. Here the author himself talks about how to make fantasy fiction feel familiar, The Unreal from Real...

"Trying to review a television show on Netflix that you have thoroughly enjoyed, you want to tell people how much enjoyment you got from said show, but when you’re honest with yourself you know deep down the show is actually very bad and you should in no way recommend it to anyone you even remotely like."

Steve Taylor-Bryant watched The Order on Netflix

Saturday 23rd March

On The DreamCage

"I must admit I’d never even heard of Up In The Air before it cropped up on my To Watch list as the title to see for Vera Farmiga’s performance"

Susan Omand watched the film for this month's Educating Omand: Screen Edition

Sunday 24th March

On The DreamCage

Tony Cross continues his journey through all of time and space to bring us his thoughts on every available Doctor Episode.

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