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Monday 11th March

On The DreamCage

Susan Omand goes against her basic instincts and comes up with a top ten of Sharon Stone films...

Tuesday 12th March

On The DreamCage

It's a notable event when Steve Taylor-Bryant agrees with someone. When that someone is his wife then it's really worth writing about. So here's Steve's article on what they agreed about - the D I Callanach books of Helen Fields...

The latest offering in the ‘creepy kid’ genre, is The Prodigy, Ren Zelen watched the film...

On AlbieMedia

"August Burns Red’s album Leveler reminds me of a John Steinbeck novel." Susan Omand listened to the album for this week's #EducatingOmand

Wednesday 13th March

On The DreamCage

School's a bloody nightmare says the tagline but was the film? Steve Taylor-Bryant watched Slaughterhouse Rulez...

Thursday 14th March

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant heads for the South American border to watch Triple Frontier, now on Netflix...

On AlbieMedia

This week for SotD79, Jimmy Hunter does a runner.. what? Oh, sorry, listens to The Runner from The Three Degrees...

"The E.P that started my love of the Seattle sound." Thirty years on from its first release, Steve Taylor-Bryant waxes lyrical about Shine by Mother Love Bone. Or doesn't...

Friday 15th March

On The DreamCage

God of War lords it over the others as the nominations for the British Academy Game awards got announced yesterday...

Before the upcoming Aladdin remake replaces cartoon weirdness and Robin Williams with live-action weirdness and Will Smith, let the Was This Always Weird podcast guys tell you a story about this lamp...

Saturday 16th March

On The DreamCage

The Matrix is officially going to be 20 years old. There is no spoon as Kraig Taylor-Bryant digs into the film.

Sunday 17th March

On The DreamCage

Our Doctor Who expert, Tony Cross, is journeying through all of time and space to bring us his thoughts on every available Doctor Episode.

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