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Monday 14th January

On The DreamCage

Susan Omand reboots her vocabulary as she read the first issue of a new comic from the Madius stable, Rosie Packwood's Blinker...

On AlbieMedia

The 2019 BRIT Award nominations were announced on Saturday. Susan Omand takes a look at the list and makes her predictions...

Tuesday 15th January

On The DreamCage

Some actors' work guarantees a box office hit, winning awards and critical acclaim, with films that everyone has seen. Everyone, apart from Susan Omand. So we set her homework to catch up. This month it’s seconds out for Million Dollar Baby and Hilary Swank...

On AlbieMedia

In an effort to further her musical education, Susan Omand has been set "homework" of listening to albums released after the 1980s that she has missed out on. This week she re-engages with Killswitch Engage...

Wednesday 16th January

On The DreamCage

In an effort to further his graphic novel and comic education, Steve Taylor-Bryant has been set "homework" of reading comics released throughout the years that he has missed out on. This week, he hits the streets with Transmetropolitan...

Thursday 17th January

On AlbieMedia

Inspired by our series of articles looking back at music released 30 years ago, Jimmy Hunter takes a step further back in time to give us a Song of the Day 1979. This time, he Takes on the World with Judas Priest...

So many well-known albums turn 30 this year and Steve Taylor-Bryant and Susan Omand travel back to 1989 to revisit some of the sounds of their youth that made parents shout "Turn that noise down!" This week, Steve gets Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Warrant...

Friday 18th January

On The DreamCage

With unrealistic treehouse expectations and extra snuffles (they both have colds), this week's Was This Always Weird podcast looks back at Now and Then

Saturday 19th January

On AlbieMedia

Inspired by our 1989 Turn That Noise Down (TTND) articles, Jimmy Hunter takes a look ten years further back to the music of 1979. This time, he's lost in music with Sister Sledge's album We Are Family...

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