This Week's DCMG Digest - 17th to 23rd August

Here's a round up of all the new articles this week on The DreamCage and AlbieMedia websites...

On The DreamCage -

#MissionImprobable is back for August! This time with a new not-so-secret agent at the helm as David Ames takes on the challenge of linking Tom Cruise back to himself over the period of a month, just using film trailers.

This week he started with Taraji P Henson and linked:

Day 17 - to Peter Falk

Stay tuned to The DreamCage for more #MissionImprobable2 links every day throughout the month.

In other news... 

Birthday cake with candles that spell out Happy Birthday and a flaming inferno in the background

Our great and glorious leader, Steve Taylor-Bryant, had a birthday this week, so, of course, we wanted to celebrate. Or, rather, we wanted HIM to celebrate...

Masked superhero Chris Orr played the beta version of Marvel's Avengers on Playstation 4 Pro, but did Hulk smash it or was it an Infinity Bore...

On 26th December 2019, 627 pieces of Classic Doctor Who content were made available to Britbox subscribers. Every Sunday in 2020, our Doctor Who expert, Tony Cross, looks back at some of the classic stories.

Here are Tony's thoughts on...

pixelated black and white eye with pink script writing saying From Kelly Marie, feels like I'm in love.

Meanwhile on AlbieMedia -

"Don’t simply dismiss it as a piece of camp cheese with no foundation. No matter if that’s exactly what it is."

Jimmy Hunter's #SotD80 choice this week is Feels Like I'm In Love by Kelly Marie...

"Fireproven have huge potential. I mean this, and I look forward to what they plan on putting out next."

Jon Britton listens to Fireproven's Omnipresence EP and Future Diary album...

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