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Monday 2nd December

On The DreamCage

"With nearly 100 acting credits on IMDb, where do I even start in picking a favourite five roles that Lucy Liu has done?"

Because it's Lucy Liu's birthday today, Susan Omand decided to pick a top 5...

Wednesday 4th December

On The DreamCage

Whodunnit? Kraig Taylor-Bryant did as he writes about the latest film from Rian Johnson, Knives Out...

Thursday 5th December

On The DreamCage

"Some were emotional, some cinematic, some memory inducing, some a mixture of everything, but all of them not a minute wasted."

Steve Taylor-Bryant has a look back with square eyes at his Top 5 TV shows of 2019...

"something that, in my opinion, is easily one of the best takes on the Alien franchise in years"

Alwyn Ash read Alien: Prototype by Tim Waggoner, out now from Titan Books...

Friday 6th December

On The DreamCage

The latest Disney movie in the live-action remake crosshairs is Mulan. Susan Omand watched the new trailer...

On AlbieMedia

Daniel White doesn't have to sell his soul to review The Last Faust...

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