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Monday 25th November

On The DreamCage

On DreamCage's Secret Service, Daniel White listened to the latest spy thriller audio-drama from Spiteful Puppet, Passport to Oblivion, starring George Lazenby...

Tuesday 26th November

On The DreamCage

"For a story so clearly cinematic, the remarkable life of Harriet Tubman has been a long time coming"

In cinemas now, Ren Zelen watched Harriet...

On AlbieMedia

"mightily impressed, slightly confused, more than a little spooked and absolutely, utterly enthralled"

For the penultimate #EducatingOmand: Year 2 album, Susan Omand listens to Periphery 2: This Time It's Personal...

Thursday 28th November

On The DreamCage

"There is going to be controversy about this film, I guarantee it, and whether you enjoy it as a piece of art is going to be down to your knowledge of the events on June 12th, 1994."

Steve Taylor-Bryant watched The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson...

On AlbieMedia

"So it’s Green Day? Right? Is it a cover band? Come on, someone’s put Green Day in my list disguised, right? It’s not Green Day? Wow, okay..."

Thirty years on from its release, Steve Taylor Bryant discovers the album No Control by Bad Religion...

Friday 29th November

On The DreamCage

No it's not the one with Michael Keaton in it and has nothing to do with David Jason as a detective. This week's Was This Always Weird Podcast sees Matt and Cody look back at Jack Frost...

Saturday 30th November

On The DreamCage

"Tara Wood’s work deserves an audience, and I think you should watch QT8 knowing that the tacked on bit at the end is the best that could be done in the situation, applaud the filmmaker for trying her best, and remember that the rest of the film is a stonking good journey through modern cinema history."

Steve Taylor-Bryant watched the Tarantino documentary QT8: The First Eight...

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