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Wednesday 20th November

On AlbieMedia

"From the moment I press play on any album I’m hypnotised until the record finishes."

Steve Taylor-Bryant goes oh so quiet every time he listens to the Björk album Post...

Thursday 21st November

On AlbieMedia

"I can’t really remember when I first heard that distinctive guitar sound; from the Yardbirds to the Bluesbreakers, Cream to Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos to his own solo work, that Slowhand sound has just always been part of my soundtrack growing up."

Thirty years on from first release, Susan Omand looks back at the Eric Clapton album Journeyman...

Friday 22nd November

On The DreamCage

"a subject that is worth telling because it is another example of the courage of ordinary people in the face of tyrannical government and because it is a story that is in danger of being forgotten – that of the Refusniks."

Tony Cross watched From Slavery To Freedom at the UK Jewish Film Festival...

On AlbieMedia

"You can still really hear the Celtic influence in their music and, thankfully, that edge that I was worried about them losing is still very much there.

Susan Omand gets a good impression from the new sound of Airport Impressions and their latest single Standing There...

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