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Monday 11th November

On The DreamCage

"This tells the story of a people reduced to the shadows both in their history and their present."

Tony Cross watched The Dead of Jaffa at the UK Jewish Film Festival...

On AlbieMedia

"once you get over the ooooh and aahhhh of the amazing prog guitar skills of a very young band, that’s kind of all there is"

For #EducatingOmand: Year 2 this week, Susan Omand listened to the album Renaissance by Polyphia...

Thursday 14th November

On The DreamCage

" it is just good storytelling, fantastic animation, and a cast having fun, like films used to be in the olden days."

Steve Taylor-Bryant watched Polar Squad...

"I suspect it was the sort of film I needed as the current political situation has drained me of my usual optimism. What this film gave me was hope and a realisation that history is our side. Not theirs."

Tony Cross watched The State Against Mandela and the Others at the UK Jewish Film Festival...

On AlbieMedia

"Phil Collins was one of those artists who you took a lot of flak off pals for liking back in the day but I couldn’t help it, I just did."

Thirty years on from release, Susan Omand remembers the Phil Collins album ...But Seriously...

Friday 15th November

On The DreamCage

"It's all rather exciting."

The Mandalorian was a flagship title for the launch of Disney+ in the US this week. Our own bounty hunter Alwyn Ash watched the first episode...

On AlbieMedia

Friday saw the release of Gozer Goodspeed's debut album, Running With the Outliers. Steve Taylor-Bryant gave it a listen...

With the release of his debut album, Running With the Outliers, today, we asked Gozer Goodspeed about his musical influences for the album. As always, he went above and beyond and has given us a guest article of Six Songs that directly influenced Running with the Outliers...

Saturday 16th November

On The DreamCage

"you know whilst you’re watching it that you’re watching something great but it is so emotionally draining and so dark that you don’t know whether you’ll ever want to watch it again"

Tony Cross watched Aimless Bullet at the London Korean Film Festival...

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