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Tuesday 28th May

On The DreamCage

With friends like comics creator Monty Nero, who needs Frenemies? Answer: WE ALL DO! Find out more about his new comics series and support Frenemies: The Lost Planet, on Kickstarter

On AlbieMedia

Susan Omand listens to King of the Jews, the latest release from film composer Daniel White and available now to download for free on Bandcamp...

Thursday 30th May

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant frightens himself silly in the realism of Green Valley by Louis Greenberg thanks to our friends at Titan Books…

With the full programme of the Edinburgh International Film Festival being announced this week, Susan Omand has a look through the listings to see what piques her interest...

On AlbieMedia

"this week's choice is a record I've never liked. However, it's one I remember very clearly and it does stand out"

For this week's #SotD79, Jimmy Hunter chose Quantum Jump and The Lone Ranger...

Friday 31st May

On The DreamCage

We were honoured to be the final stop of Titan Books' tour for the newly published horror novel, The Plague Stones. In an exclusive article for us, author James Brogden talks about xenophobia and Trust Issues...

Learn what ADR stands for, find words that rhyme with "life" and discover the real meaning of "risk it to get the biscuit", as this week's Was This Always Weird podcast looks back at Not Another Teen Movie...

Saturday 1st June

On The DreamCage

"When I started the film, I had no idea that I would get to watch a sequence involving James Bond driving a tank through a Russian city." 

Kraig Taylor-Bryant looks back at classic James Bond with GoldenEye (major spoilers)

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