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Monday 20th May

On The DreamCage

"I am happy to see a Pokémon movie get such a positive reception from the wider movie-going public. "

Grezar watched Pokémon Detective Pikachu...

Tuesday 21st May

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant saddles up to watch The Kid, out on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray on 3rd June thanks to Lionsgate UK...

On AlbieMedia

"a good fun pop-punk album, upbeat and boppy, with superbly thrashy percussion, strong melodies and hooky choruses"

For this week's #EducatingOmand, Susan Omand listened to the Four Year Strong album Enemy of the World

Wednesday 22nd May

On The DreamCage

Steve Taylor-Bryant has been reading Twitter again. We tried to stop him, honest, but then he came back with a Robert Downey Jr Top Five...

On AlbieMedia

"The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is, exactly as it says, a comedy about a bank robbery."

Susan Omand watched the play by Mischief Theatre on its recent run at The Kings Theatre in Edinburgh.

Thursday 23rd May

On The DreamCage

"I sat, in one place, for two and a bit hours, immersed in a situation that I had no personal connection with, invested in a family that I knew nothing about, living in an era that I had only read about in history books. And I was made to care."

For #EducatingOmand: Screen Edition, Susan Omand watched Viola Davis in Fences...

On AlbieMedia

"Now and then, a song or an artiste comes along and you instantly connect with them and or their music."

For this week's SotD79, Jimmy Hunter chooses Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty...

"it’s not often writing about something is such a pleasure and an honour as this."

Thirty years on from release, Steve Taylor-Bryant remembers Kite by Kirsty MacColl...

Friday 24th May

On The DreamCage

Want to know if you should be bothered about After the Lethargy? Ren Zelen watched the film at Sci-Fi London...

"This is, indeed, guerrilla film-making at the coal face."

Steve Taylor-Bryant ducks under the radar and watches the documentary Prayers to the Gods of Guerrilla Filmmaking...

Saturday 25th May

On The DreamCage

Kraig Taylor-Bryant has an eye on his future as he watched the short films in this year's University Centre of Weston Showcase, shown at Cineworld last Monday...

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